Ideas are intangible components of reality. Every physical accomplishment is a product of ideas. Ideas make a man.  The nature of a man’s ideas determines the quality of his life. A man’s true identity lies in the quality of the ideas he produces. What comes out of a man shows what the man is made of, what the man is capable of, and where the man is going.  A man’s true identity and thoughts are intertwined. “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Do you have an idea? What is that special thing you want to create or accomplish? What is that imaginative thought that obsesses you? Are you passionate about something? What exactly is that thing? The type of ideas that emanates from your mind says a lot about who you really are.  They reveal the content of your unconscious self and the direction of your life.

Ideas are like seeds. They germinate wherever they are planted. The amazing thing about ideas is that they are alive like every other living thing around us.


Loving yourself and the world around you can be the beginning of your greatest discoveries and accomplishments. If you love the people around you, you are likely to be inspired by their plights and yearnings, thereby looking for ways to create solutions to their needs. By creating solutions to people’s problems, you become successful, widely recognized, respected and even celebrated.

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