Vessel is very important in the hand of God. 2Thmothy 2:20 says ‘But in a great house there not only why vessels of Gold and of silver but also it wood and of earth and some to honors and some to dishonor.
God makes use of the vessels in his house the way he likes.
Vessels are like instruments used for different works. In Joshua 7:1-15, the passage pointed it out what befell the children of bread through Archam.

Archam took the accursed vessels and the anger of God was kindled against the whole camp of Isreal .He touch a scared and this brought a great tribulation to them.
Problem dangerous may start to befall you take and touch the sacred vessels of God.

Sacred vessels – are things separated solely for god himself. You cannot touch all this things .If you dare touch it , it is like touching a naked life wine.

Example to these scared vessels are found in Joshua 7:1, Joshua 6:19-19

All these are kept in the treasuring of God (that in the house of God)
If you touch these scared vessels it brings trouble, and calamities.

Example of killer vessels in the house of God
1. Pastor and prophets (psalm 105:15)
2. Offerings (Joshua 9:18:19)
3. Tithes (Malachi 3:9-10)
4. Usable instruments like Chairs, Drums, Keyboard, Engine, Generation (2 Samuel 6:5-7)

All this cannot be touched. They are solely for God’s use in his house.
A lot of people because of their familiarity with the house of God had brought a lot of curses tribulation and problem to their and generation through using the scared thing of God for their personal used.
You can never take church‘s generation to your house because you are closer to pastor .You are already cursed (Joshua 6:18)

What happen when you touch the scared vessels of God?
1. Death: one may die spiritually and physically. Business can be affected it is therefore disastrous to take things used for God ‘s scared vessels and not for you. (Joshua 7:15)
2. Total Destruction: other things that may happen is total destruction .Do not participate in the use of church instrument for personal use. It kills. (Joshua 7:24-26)
3. It brings curses upon you and your entire family. Some people have put their children into everlasting curses through the way they are handling church‘s properties. Some people are going about under curses of not paying this (Malachi 3:6-10)
4. It brings the anger of God. Anytime you touch the killer vessels in the house of God, the anger of God is upon you.
Brethren, the killer in the house of God may be small, but then the punishment is server. It is an error touching the killer

Our God is a powerful God, He knows all things and he can do all things. All powers belong to him alone .As powerful as our God is ,it is interesting to discover that he needs you and I do all things that he has to perform great work he needs to do.
For instance, God human beings to praise for he cannot praise Himself. God need people to work for him .he need vessels to do special works, ordinary works, common work.

God needs you and I us vessels to work for him. In the body of Christ, there are different types of vessels, there are vessels into honor and there are vessels into dishonor. (2Thmothy 2:20).

‘But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver, but also of wood and of earth, and some to honor and some to dishonor’
From the scripture above Humans in the spiritual laboratory of God come to be used in 4 different ways may why for 2major works.
Vessels in form of Gold are those Christian used for precious and precious work.

Vessels inform of silver are those Christian presenting themselves to be used for honorable works .They are used for important works in His kingdom.
Vessels inform of wood are those use for emergency and a time being work. They are for God’s work shortly. They are later dumped and replaced. May you never be dumped .Paul said the same prayer that ‘after I, myself, Paul had preached the gospel and skill be a cast out at the end .

In the house of God , there are different vessels , it is needful for every Christian to slice and make sure that you are qualified enough to be used for honorable works.
A vessel of honor is not used and dumped. They stay in the kingdom for master’s use forever. They are used for permanent work (Hebrew9:4)
A vessel of dishonor is used temporarily and later replaced. Example was Samson (Judges 15:15).

You as a Christian must propone yourself to be used for good works (2Thmothy 2:21) say

If a man therefore purge himself from this , he shall be a vessels unit honor satisfied and meet for the matter’s use and prepared into every good work.
Be prepared to be vessels into honor. prepared yourself in righteousness and holiness to meet God’s standards.
I pray for you that you will be a vessel of honor for permanent use of God in Jesus Name.
Pastor Afolabi Tope Michael
Seed of Christ Lagos


One of the questions we need to be asking ourselves every time as Christians

What will happen or what will people say of me after I might have departed from this world.
Do people have to celebrate your death as a big loss to the humanity and the church of God or people hiss as a sign of relief that you are gone and wished that you never come back .
In the book of (proverbs21:10) says
‘The souls of the wicked desired evil, his neighbor find no favour in his eyes’
It means it people around you cannot find favour in your sight , you rae a wicked soul and hell is waiting for you .
In (Act9:36-43) Tabitha was not a wicked person and that is why the needy widows, the less privileges, the poor could not hold their lips, they cried out and queried her death.

How could someone like Tabitha die suddenly, no way, they invited the man of God and narrated their testimonies of what Tabitha had done.
What can people narrated about is how you putting confusion in the house of God. Is it how you have neglected the house of God into desolate? Is it how you have deserted the house of God and go in your own way?
Tabitha released herself to be used of God. She turned hopeless situations of people around her to hopeful situation.
God is looking for the Tabithas in his house because he wants the good work to continue.

Tabitha lifted her hands towards the needy, the widows the men of God and the poor’s .she also raised the hand of Moses that was how peter could easily rise to pray for her resurrection.
Because of God deeds of Tabitha, she became one of those that resurrected from the short death.
Your good deeds have power to raise you when you are deeds .your good deeds can even raise your business. Children marriage, home when they are dead.
A good Christian must a shrift to be like Tabitha for there is a good God called God of Tabitha. He answers prayer without failing.
There are some prayers that you cannot pray for yourself except the recipient of your good works.\
It is those that have benefitted from your works that will stand in the gap and bigger than clause of your resurrection .In (Act 9:39)
They told peter and showed him all what Tabitha had done and brought for them. These beggared the heavy faith in peter to call on God of Tabitha (God of Good deeds).
Prophets does not need to sweat before his prayer are answered on your behalf if you are a Tabitha in our own generation .The prophet will simply say let God of you good deeds answer you and instantly miracle will appear.

If there is a financial blockage in your way, the pastor can simply demand for your tithe card and use it to open closed doors.

Can pastor use your Good deeds in the church of God to pray for your breakthrough.
Brethren, let‘s qualities of Tabitha today
You must be full with good work in the church of God and even outside the church .Touch people’s life by attending to their needs. Stand up always to meet needs of the people God in the house of God.

Do good in the life of others. Make sure you do unforgettable works in the life of people around you.
As you are doing all these God of Tabitha is always waiting to answer you whenever you open your mouth to pray to him.


The greatness of a can be determined by who a father is whether biological or

No wonder the bible in the (Proverb17:6)’say children’s children are the crown of god and the glory of the children are their fathers.

A Child is expected to be a better vision of his or her parents. Your child is your improved breed that is why you need strife by all means and make sure your children are given quality spiritual education that will make them worthy to be your tomorrow in which you can fully trust and rely on.

Brethren, your children are your future, hence losing your children to worldly things amount to losing your future to uncertainty and bleakness.
However gaining your children to God will means gaining your future to certainty and security in the lord God Almighty.

One may not necessarily to see his child to death but to sin .All parent should kwon that losing a child to wayward life and back slide life set the future of such parent to sadness .An unsaved child has power to terminate the future of the parents so parent try and invest in their future by rightly tailoring their children toward godly way of life.
I cannot understand why a parent will be competing with his or her child .How can a father say that he does not want any of his children to surpass him? If you children cannot be better than you are a future. That is why Jesus said in (John14:12) says’VerilyVerily I say into you he that believed on me, the works that I shall do, He do also and greater works than these shall he do , because I go into my father ‘

Therefore every parent who are true Christians must do everything humanly possible to prepare their children to have better tomorrow parents must pay all responsibilities as an investment for their children’s tomorrow.

A man who was trained by his parents or relatives to secondary school level who now refused to train his own children to at least the same level is a curse to his family.
(Proverb 22:6) Train up your child in the way he should so and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Whatever way you train up your child they will not depart from it, when they grow old. If it is worldly way, they will not depart from the worldly way , also, If it is the God’s way, then, they will pay it back to you in a Godly way in the future .
The greatest legacy your can give your children is first Jesus, followed by good education up to university level. Other are extras.
Did your children beg to bring them to this world? Why would you now reflect them after bringing them to this earth? Do you know that there are many unbelievers who never had the opportunity of going but resolved in their hearth to see that their children would be educated, and God make a way for them . If Eli,a man of God had done that by giving his life and things of God the covenant of priesthood wouldn’t have been taken away from him.
How can it be said of you a believer created in the image of God and bless with children of destiny that you denied your children quality Christian ways and sound education? Far be it from you ensure you prepare your children for a better future for they are your tomorrow. You cannot afford to disappoint God in the area. By prophet mustapha


As a minister of God Almighty I strongly believe that prophets are paths through which God runs tremendous miracles, signs and strange happenings. I joined seed of Christ Golden church exactly March 10 2014, and within that short period of time my experiences with prophet S.M.O Mustapha has being over wheeling.
It took me some 12months to complete my house through the words from the S.M.O Mustapha and as a minister of God who believed to have wasted 2 years in one ministry before joining the Seed of Christ Golden ministry, that year that I spent in the former ministry was a fruitless year. It was full pains and shame. I could not even buy a piece of concrete which was sold for N 60, but when I joined the ministry of Prophet S.M.O Mustapha. My experience has been tremendous.

One day I called him and I said I named and had seen a jeep car C.R.V Honda green in colour and with a plate number of Lagos, Apapa to be precise.

However, the money with me was not up to 50% of money so; the owner said that my money was not enough to clear the price of the C.R.V Honda Jeep. I made a called through to my prophet, he said that he had already seen me using Jeep. But I said the woman that wanted to sell that Jeep had sold to another person since I could not pay a some of half a million naira.
As I was comparer, he said as a prophet of God and that has to stand.
To my utmost surprise, the second day, they had to come and look for me in my house to come and by another Toyota Jeep better than that C.R.V the same green colour and the same Lagos plate number. This surprises me a lot as I want. Green Jeep car and Lagos resilience number.
What you need to get that your miracle is him the prophet of God, let him speak authority and you will surely be there.
Believe in your prophet and you will surely be prospered.


It has been a great challenge for me during my delivery. It always a tug of war so am always afraid of delivery. It got to a time, my husband is always afraid of having intercourse with me because if am pregnant to deliver the baby is a big problem .

It has to do for 18hours during my delivery of my second born. I labored for 16days before I could have my first born, so it has been a big challenge delivering babies.
However, when I met with prophet S.M.O Mustapha, the first thing that come to my mind was could use this prophet to solve my problem of delivery.
So before I could convince my husband to get pregnant, I needed o lot of miracles, signs and wonders that god had used my prophet for.

I summoned courage and I was pregnant, during the pregnancy period, devil threatened my pregnancy but God used Babasebioba to overcome the devil .
I did not know how my prophet knew that I was bleeding one day and he called in the morning and he started praying for me and immediately my issue of blood stopped.
With all these, I was so happy that my prophet must be there with me in the hospital during my delivery.
But towards my delivery day, my prophet travelled to south Africa. I started crying and said this is the work of the devil .

So ,when the seam say I had to deliver the baby next week I told the nurses that I cannot give birth now because my prophet is not around .It was like a foolish talk, so my husband was like I can you delay your delivery till your prophet is around. This is strange to all of them .

I called my prophet in south Africa and told him that I would not give birth until he come around because I was afraid and I don’t want to due again for 18 hours.
I said , daddy in refuse to give birth until you are around .To my surprise , the day he come back to Nigeria ,he said go and deliver your baby safely and on the third day, I expected the fasted delivery of my life. It was itch free I did not die a second the delivery was too cheap and stress free. I give God the glory for using my prophet for me.
People are dying today cheaply because they do not have prophet .believe in your prophet and you shall prosper in all ways .
Praise God .
Pastor (Mrs) Afolabi Dammy
Seed of Christ Golden Church
To delivery

Vision is the unfolding of divine plane and purpose. When divine plan is unfolded, faith is naturally stirred up. Moses would not have dared to go back to Egypt from where he had fled for fear of being killed, If divine plan had not been unfolded to him. (Proverb 29:18)

‘Where there is no vision, the people perish but he that kept the law. Happy is he.
Where there is no vision, the people just keep struggling. But where vision is, faith comes alive. Vision is the covenant seed for success in life. Life will remain a struggle without a clear vision of God’s purpose for your life. But when vision is present, faith for accomplishment comes alive. It is only after Apostle Paul discovered his purpose in life that he became a great man of faith (Gal.1:15-16). Before then, he was merely going about like a rascal.
Vision is a faith catalyst as well as helps one to fulfill destiny. When you catch a vision of God’s plan for your life or where you are going, like Moses, no pharaoh will be strong enough to stop you from getting there. Your face will be set as a flint towards your end.

Every born again child of God is born to fulfill a particular purpose on earth. A discovery of that purpose is what is called VISION.
Every believer has a peculiar plan and function assigned to him before he was born. God told prophet Jeremiah.
“Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations” (Jeremiah1:5).
The unfolding of God’s plan for man’s life and the pursuit of it is the beginning of a great future. This is because you can never become a star until you operate within the scope of God’s for your life.

Being members of one body that is, the body of Christ ,every believer has been ordained to carry out a particular function in the body of Christ .A body is made up of different parts or member, with each carrying out a particular function. As a member of the body of Christ, you are a steward of a particular function which God expects you to carry out, that is your ministry, and it is limited to the pulpit alone. Ministry is occupying your God-assigned position.
Ministry is carrying out a divine assignment Joseph had a divine task he was sent to Egypt to preserve lives. Gideon was not called to preach, but to deliver the people of Israel from hands of the midianities. Abraham was called to be established as an institution through whom the families of the earth would be blessed. You have a function f a divine assignment to perform here on earth. A discovery of this function is what is called A VISION.

Vision is a divine insight into God’s plan for you , and the pursuit of a discovered vision is what is called a ministry. It therefore means that no vision , no ministry .
You have a ministry and it is your duty to discover it. Just like prophet Habakkuk you need to stand upon your watch to see what God has for you.(Hab2:1-3)
Become a Visionary: As only visionaries become great in the kingdom locate your function and begin to manifest in it, for the future of every believer depends on the discovery of his function or purpose in earth.

(Your VISION is your life DREAM)
(Your life DREAM is your PURPOSE)
(Discovery of that PURPOSE is called VISION)

1. What is vision : Biblically, vision is the unfolding of divine plan and purpose.
A vision is the combination of a divine picture with a purpose i.e. PICTURE PLUS PURPOSE IS EQUAL TO VISION, this is the principle that brought about every inventions in the world today .
Vision is a divine insight into God’s plan for you .
Every born again child of God is born to fulfill a particular purpose on earth and the discovery of that purpose is

what is called VISION .
Everyone is created to fulfill a purpose here on earth, just as every manufacturer creates a product specifically to fulfill a purpose. A product does not determined its purpose, the manufacturer does. God is our manufacturer and we are his product , your future is secured in God through Jesus Christ.
(Eph.1:11) ‘In whom we also we have obtained an inheritance being predestination according to the purpose of him who worked all thing after the course of his own will”.

Every one’s life is driven by something. No one can ,live a meaningful impact life without a clear vision for his or her future. If you don’t have one, you flounder aimlessly with a vision, life seems pointless and we do little everyday.

“ Where there is no vision, the people perish but he hood kept the lay, happy is he” (proverb29:18).
Your vision is your future it is reason for your living .

The most spiritual man can get tired burned out beaten down , confused about whom is he and why is here if he failed to understand his vision. He can misplace his sense of purpose and become overwhelmed. If a man loses sight of his dreams and forget the trust about who he is, he can end up believing destructive lies about his future.
“My people are destroyed for lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

Vision is your “there”. that is where you are going. What you are meant to be your vision is a true picture of your tomorrow. Vision is your destiny wrapped in tomorrow .you need to unfold and fulfill it. Your tomorrow or future is not something that is far. Don’t be deceived future is just a moment after now,
“Now the lord had said to Abram “get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you”(genesis 12:1) God is the only one that can show you your destination. If you don’t know where you are going in life ,you won’t know when you get there. Every road lead to nowhere. That is why life might be meaningless without a vision.
Having a god given vision is therefore imperative because vision is a means to measure our movement and progress in life.
Vision is simply seeing possibility in impossibility or better put as the ability to see beyond others.
A man sees reason to due, if he cannot see tomorrow. Such man has lost focus of his future. When you cannot see hope in your future, then death might be inevitable no one can throw in the towel unless his eyes are dimmed. Vision helps you to focus on future.
‘There is hope in your future, says the lord that your children shall come back to their own border (Jeremiah 31:7)
When you meet a man that does not have a vision, he always tasks mush about yesterday and little of today because he cannot see tomorrow .such person cannot see beyond his nose.
He sees problem and not God. He sees his weakness and not his strength. He believes in others but never believes in himself.
A man of vision talks about the future because he lives in the future never allow your past to affect your future. Put the past where it belongs. See today as links to the future.we are in the work of visionary. It is your turn to live the future while in the present.
“For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the lord, thought of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end”. Jeremiah29vs11. mkm
(Your VISION is your life DREAM).